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Pathway Insurance Services is a leading independent agency offering Georgia Owner Operator Insurance with great coverage at competitive prices. Being an independent agency, we are able to shop the market for great rates on insurance for you, the customer.

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Smart Ways to Save on Your Ga Owner Operator Insurance Premiums Part 3

As we’ve said in previous articles, Owner Operator Insurance is the most expensive type of commercial auto insurance. Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at steps you can take to save some money on your monthly premiums and make sure you remain insurable.

First, we talked about the importance of keeping your BASIC score low. Next, we discussed how having a good credit score can allow you to save big money with certain insurance providers.

Let’s take a look at yet another way to save some money on your Georgia Owner Operator Insurance:

Step 3: – Allow Pathway Insurance to Shop the Market For You

Before we explain how this step can help you, we should first explain why. The fact that you found this website probably means one of three things:

  1. you’re just starting a new company,
  2. you’ve received a big increase on your insurance rate, or
  3. your insurance company has cancelled your policy.

Those last two are sometimes inevitable. After all, Owner Operator Insurance prices vary from insurance provider to insurance provider, and those rates are constantly being affected by the claims those companies’ policyholders submit each year.

So even if you have absolutely no claims history, your insurance company may have had to pay 25% more than last year in claims payouts to lots of other policyholders. An increase in costs like that might necessitate a 25% premium rate increase for all its policyholders to even out the financial blow.

This is the nature of insurance; the distribution of costs over a big group of policyholders. The group pays for the costs of the individual, and one way to recoup a big loss is to raise prices for everyone.

That’s where Pathway Insurance comes in.

Because we are an independent agency we can shop a wide market of insurance providers to find whichever one is offering the best rates and/or coverage. So if you’ve experienced a rate increase or your policy has been cancelled, try giving us a call.

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