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Sandy Springs Ga Owner Operator Insurance – Insurance Provider Duties.

In last week’s article we discussed the duties and responsibilities expected of policyholders during a claims event, and how failure to properly fulfill your role as policyholder in these situations can sometimes mean the denial of your claim. This week we are going to talk about the duties and responsibilities of the insurance company during a claims event.

The following is another excerpt from a typical commercial auto insurance policy that details the obligations of the insurance company after a policyholder has fulfilled their policyholder duties. This section begins immediately after spelling out the policyholder’s duties, which includes sending written notice of a claim. Let’s take a look:

Within 15 days after we receive your written notice of claim, we must:

(1) acknowledge receipt of the claim. If our acknowledgment of the claim is not in writing, we will keep a record of the date, method and content of our    acknowledgment

(2) begin any investigation of the claim.

(3) specify the information you must provide in accordance with paragraph b. above. We may request more information, if during the investigation of the claim such additional information is necessary.

After we receive the information we request, we must notify you in writing whether the claim will be paid or has been denied or whether more information is needed:

(1) within 15 business days; or

(2) within 30 days if we have reason to believe the loss resulted from arson.

If we do not approve payment of your claim or require more time for processing your claim, we must:

(1) give the reasons for denying your claim, or

(2) give the reason we require more time to process your claim. But, we must either approve or deny your claim within 45 days after our requesting more time.

Loss Payment

(1) If we notify you that we will pay your claim, or part of your claim, we must pay within 5 business days after we notify you.

(2) If payment of your claim or part of your claim requires the performance of an act by you, we must pay within 5 business days after the date you perform the act.

Notice of Settlement of Liability Claim

(1) We will notify you in writing of any initial offer to compromise or settle a claim   against you under the liability section of this policy. We will give you notice within 10 days after the date the offer is made.

(2) We will notify you in writing of any settlement of a claim against you under the liability of this policy. We will give you notice within 30 days after the date of the settlement.

So as you can see, in addition to investigating the claim in a timely manner, the insurance company is also obligated to keep you notified of every step of the process, and must pay what it owes you, if anything, within a timely manner.

Understanding the various responsibilities of the parties involved and the steps that must be taken will help the process go more smoothly in the event of an actual claim.

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